Friday, April 6, 2012

The Little PRINCESS of my Life!!!

Three and a half years ago I thought that I'd be blessed with another nephew; I already have seven of them:). Today, I'm glad I have a niece!She's the youngest daughter of the family as of now.

It's been a year since I last came home. She can recognize only my voice since we speak almost every week on the phone & skype once when I was in Bangalore. She waited for an hour at the veranda till I reach home. She advised me not to take bath in the evening saying I would catch a cough since it's too cold. Smart isn't she?

One day she told her mother, "Mom let me take your photograph so I can upload on Facebook". I thought somebody would have taught her or shown her what Facebook is. To my surprise she was only listening to conversations of her older siblings about the social network. She loves photography, dancing & helping her grand parents with household chores. And oh she loves modeling too... She can catwalk better than the models on FTV ;)

Here's one of her best photograph that she was caught on...

Adorable, is she not? Wondering how our days will progress once she starts her regular classes at school. 15 days are all I have in a year to spend with this little one. The Princess of my life :)