Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Apple of my eyes!

Scared and excited! Finally when the wait was over, for the first time I saw my youngest cousin brother. 19 years of age difference and we still fight for the same games, the same attention from everyone at home. Funny isn't it? I know that he's the youngest member of our family, but the thought of him getting all the attention which I was used to; was unacceptable to me!

It took me two years to realise that my feelings for him were unjustified. So what if he gets all the attention? He's still my brother.

Each day I grew very fond of him and no one else in the family either my nephews or nieces get so much love from me like he does. Even though I'm far away from him, his pictures are always by my side. I've never been there at home after his second birthday, but the day I reach home; he will stay with me in my grand parents' place and his mother would tease him that he has to stay with my grand parents even if I return back to where I am. He wouldn't want that, so he would go stay with his mother for a day and come back and stay with me till the day I leave.

The only one after my grand dad who I adore and would give my everything for. The day he was born I never thought I'd be so fond of him. He's the most photogenic, most talented, most intelligent and the most talkative among all the kids in the family. The words he use, no one would believe that he's only five years old. He's the entertainer, very pensive but very arrogant. Well, what can I say? For him, I would die going home and take a break if I have to.

You're the apple of my eyes and one day I know the space left by Pa will be filled by you, Rimitre.

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