Monday, November 17, 2008

The Long Road Home.

It's only been three years and it felt like forever. The first time I left my hometown, not knowing that I will never be so close again but I still strive for that one dream that one day I would do something for my land (Ri U Hynniew Trep- Land of the seven huts). I often wonder if it will remain only a dream never to be fulfilled?

During my graduation, I always thought that I will do something on my own and start a unique company that provide media solutions for the various media. Well, now I'm stuck in the middle! Each time I think of returning home and leaving my job, I keep asking myself if I'm ready to face the unknown. However, all that I dream of have not translated to reality not one bit.

The usual comment whenever I share my thought with some friends or with my brother would always be "We will support you, just tell us the idea and we can work together". So my idea is still an idea!

What do I do now? Well, one thing I can always go back and dedicate myself to work in social organisations. My mother will not be pleased if I did that. So, I've decided to stay and compete in the rat race for a while and enlighten myself on what I'm currently involved.

At the same time, I'm dying to go back home and be with my family again! However, I've got to find ways and means to sow the seeds for my dreams to do something that will make my fellow Shillongites and especially my family proud of me. So I have to wait for sometime for my journey back home as it's not going to come very soon!

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