Saturday, November 8, 2008

Miss those days...

Don't we all miss our childhood days? For me they were boring and exciting at the same time. Boring? 'Cause, I was always bullied by my two elder siblings. I was never allowed to mix around with other children. Sad isn't it? Well, my grand parents would always say that I was a sick child so I can't be going out and I'd fall ill if I would. I never had any problem though! I was pampered by them, got whatever I wanted and did whatever they wanted. But, my Mei gave me reasons to cheer up. She would take us out for morning walks everyday without fail and to my cousins' place when we had winter vacations.

The winter vacations were the ones I cherished the most. Everyday we would all go to the market place and help our grand ma sell cloths in her shop. Even though we never stayed in the shop the entire day, Mei would be glad just as long as we were there. She would never scold or ever raised her hands on her grand children, unlike Pa. So we all love to be with her all the time. Even though I loved Pa the most, even now. No one can fill his place in my life.

Whenever I go back home for a vacation, even though it's for a week or two, the feeling is not the same when I go to the shop. Mei is not there anymore, she's at home and can't walk no more. She'd met with an accident when I was in the ninth standard. But she's still the same old loving Mei who pampers me all the time even though I'm grown up. To her I'm still her five year old grand child.

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