Friday, November 7, 2008

My First Love

From the time that I was born the only love that I've known is of my grand parents. It's always been this way and I never responded to anything or anyone except to them; especially my grand dad (my inspiration). I continued my education only for him, to make him proud was my only goal. I was not even near close to that goal when he left all of us. He was the Light in my life, what more! He asked me to be strong and take over from where he left. Well, as it turn out; I don't have the courage to go back and explore all that was asked and expected of me. I was secluded from the rest of the family and never to be heard among friends.

In 2005, a year after Pa died, thankfully I graduated and I'm sure I've made him proud. But I was not satisfied, so I applied for a Post Graduation course in Bangalore. When I was selected for the course, my eldest siblings had their different views of where I should go for my PG. My sis approved of Bangalore and my brother was adamant to send me to Delhi. At last, I was happy that they both agreed to send me to Bangalore.

August 2005, a month after I joined the course and I was already homesick even though I had my best friend as my room mate. I developed insomnia in the mean time. I woke up one morning, picked up my diary but didn't know what to write. Finally, I wrote a poem; a year after I wrote the last one.

What's it all about? It is only three or four stanzas, I can't recall. The most important point that I realised then was that it's not my family I miss the most, no, not my grand parents! Even I was surprised that my poem reflected the love for my town. It's small, it's cozy, it's hilly and it's My First Love!

My homeland, my town,
Without you I frown;
When I was there I never realize,
That one day without you I would rise.

A place so different and so vast from my own,
Seeds of knowledge I’ve come to sow;
To you dear God, my head I bow,
Help me survive this fight to grow.

Different people, different language,
Different attire, different engages;
Compared to mine,
Everything’s not fine.

My life was once full of faces,
Now it’s full of different races.


Noyon Jyoti Parasara said...

shillong darling...

lovely shillong...

keep writing... you should have taken up avc


I know dude... I should have...

Paromita Chakraborty said...

Hey! That touched me...