Monday, December 22, 2008


"A Khasi is a Khasi because of his religion. To understand a Khasi therefore one has got to go deep into the very root of his religion, which regulate all his thoughts and activities. Forget his religion and you will never understand a Khasi." By (L) C. Lyngdoh B.L.

The concept of God:
There is a clear concept of God in the Khasis, God Universal and in this context He is God of the Hindus, Christians, Persians, Muslims, Jews and of all other races. All races on this earth at the beginning of time entered into a covenant, where under was embedded the Law of their race, one distinct from the other. The Law enjoins that he must be healthy in his mental and physical being if he is to realise the glory of his Maker. The Khasi religion has no missionary intentions and received no converts to its fold through it welcome and cherished co-existence within its fold and with others.

To a Khasi, religion is personal contact between God and man. He communicates through his prayers with his Creator adjusted to the wavelengths of his tradition according to the Law and guided by his, God gifted, conscience free from prejudice, pride, greed and man-made dictum and dogma.

There were forces for the last one century or so that has caused tremendous ripples in the surface of the Khasi society though in depth it is secured. The forces are still there for though the hunters are gone, the hounds are here. It is a beautiful culture and religion that commends to his understanding and the test of reason. One of his precept is that he must love himself and respect other. (Excerpt of a documentation by (L) Hipson Roy Kharshiing I.F.S.)

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