Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Embarrass. No! I'm Thankful.

Well... Some might think it's a funny incident... But to me... It's scary... It's been more than three years since I met with an accident but I still haven't got over the fear...

I never had any problems crossing the roads by myself back home... I guess 'cause it's a very small city... Where I am right now... I can't even think of doing that on my own... To leave home is such a pain... I have to take an auto rickshaw from right in front of the house... Even if the directions are on opposite sides I'll still ask the auto driver to come to where am standing.

Everyday the auto drivers in front of my house would drop me right in front of the office, so I don't need to cross the road. But today, I was stuck!

I had to go for a meeting to the client's office and the auto was standing right opposite... There were very few cars initially from both sides of the road... When I was about to cross, there were more cars coming in the way... I was furious... I couldn't cross... I waited for at least five minutes and I needed to be at the meeting at 11.30 am sharp!

With the time ticking... I was nervous. "What if I am late for the meeting?" "What if they think am unpunctual?"... While these thoughts ran in my head... Somebody across the road, took my hand and helped me cross the road!

Finally! Guess who helped me? It was embarrassing for me but I'm thankful to the auto driver who helped me crossed the road and helped me reach the destination two minutes prior to the meeting. What a start!

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