Saturday, January 31, 2009

The week that was.

The big launch... The new campaign... New learning... Frantic phone calls... You name it... I experienced them all in this last week of the month... Phew... Glad we made it!

My first involvement with the campaign began four or five months ago... Along with my other team members we prepared the media plan... Once it was sent to the client... We thought... Rather I thought! Well that's it... This is nothing big... But... (As always, there is always a 'but'. I know it sounds cliched) I was wrong! In the meanwhile, I lost interest in the new product that the client is planning to launch...

Till late December I realised how important the new campaign is... Then I started getting my thoughts back again... It's wake up time. Everyone had something or the other to do... We were never free till the tasks are completed.

Finally, when all is said and done; we deserved all the appreciation we got :)

I really enjoyed what I did and went through and it was quite a learning for me even though I had been here in the last two years... Of course there were other lessons learned but this new launch has the biggest impact in my life... And I pray that I come across more learning in the time to come.

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